Drug Withdrawal in Newport News, VA

When you quit a drug that you're addicted to, your brain needs a chance to adjust. Your brain has had these highly disruptive chemicals in the system for a long time, and it has adapted. Now that you're taking the drugs away, the chemical environment of your brain is set to change again, and you need to plan for the effects -- any major chemical change in the brain causes serious effects. In most cases, you need treatment to make sure that the experience isn't too dangerous, or too painful to allow you to stay committed. You need to look for quality drug withdrawal in Newport News to help you get through the process with as little discomfort as possible. Before you do so, however, it would be a good idea to gather a little information.

How Do You Know That You Even Need Treatment?

Since medical detox in Newport News can be expensive, it's likely that you wonder about the weather you can go through the process at home without medical help. Certainly, it isn't doing this would be in and will advise. Most people who try do not make it through to the end of the withdrawal process without cheating a few times or quitting completely. If you would like a medical opinion, however, you only need to look for a provider of drug treatment for drug withdrawal in Newport News and ask for a screening. Often, general practitioners will offer such screening, as well.

An informal way of checking out the way your addiction stands, course, would be to simply try tapering off the drug that you take over the course of the day. With most drugs, including alcohol, the effects begin within eight hours. If you begin to feel terrible, you know that you need professional treatment for drug withdrawal.

How Bad Does Drug Withdrawal Get?

A lot depends on the depth of which your addiction goes. The longer you've been addicted and the greater the quantity that you've used a drug, the worse the withdrawal gets to be. Some drugs tend to be worse than the others, as well.

With alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin and related drugs, withdrawal tends to be terrible, indeed. Not only do these drugs come with very serious cravings, the maddening pain, insomnia, and panic can all be of great concern. Seizures are a significant threat when withdrawing from these drugs; so is the possibility of cardiac arrest.

The very idea of attempting drug withdrawal in Newport News on your own can only be considered ill-advised. If it's money that you're trying to save, you need to understand how great a risk you run of actually losing money in this way. Most people who try to do their own withdrawal give up before long. Others experience seizures so serious, they need medical attention. These seizures also harm their chances at sobriety.

If you fail, you also end up wasting a great opportunity to quit drugs. By the time you get around to making another attempt, you will have lost a lot of time, your health will have deteriorated, and you with addiction will have become deeper. There are definite costs attached to all these developments.

Explore the Possibility of Having Your Insurance Pay

On average, residential drug rehab centers cost about $1,000 for each day that you need to stay. Since experts recommend 90 days of stay at an inpatient facility for the best results, you do have a sizable bill to think about. While you could choose outpatient rehab to shave off about half of this, outpatient rehab doesn't offer what inpatient rehab does -- close emotional and therapeutic support and care in the event of complications.

Many insurance companies do pay for at least part of any drug detox treatment that you need, and it's worth exploring what they cover. If this isn't possible, you should check out local drug rehabs and ask about sliding-scale fees -- they charge people less when they have limited ability to pay. You could also check out the website of SAMHSA for low-cost publicly funded drug programs.

As important as it is to give drug detox your best possible shot, you need to know that it doesn't actually cure your addiction. Drug addiction is a lifelong condition. Nevertheless, you can live a happy and productive life if you engage in therapy. You do need to make sure when you look for drug detox in Newport News, that you find a place that offers relapse prevention therapy once detox concludes. This alone provides assurance of approach to treatment. Call Newport News Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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