Alcohol Withdrawal in Newport News, VA

A degree of discomfort is common in even mild alcohol dependence. If you've been regularly taking a certain quantity of alcohol, cutting down on even a glass can bring on headaches and irritability. If this is all you experience, it's a sign that you do need to pay serious attention to your relationship with alcohol. If cutting down begins to feel any worse, however, you probably have an addiction on your hands. It isn't safe to attempt to quit on your own. It's important to do it under medical supervision. It would be a good idea to look for the best medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal in Newport News has.

How Does Alcohol Withdrawal Start?

If you experience discomfort cutting down on the quantity of alcohol that you consume, it's a sign that your alcohol use has been high enough and frequent enough to actually alter the internal chemical environment of your brain. It's an unhealthy state, and you need to make some changes.

The first signs: Withdrawal symptoms usually begin within 8 hours of the last drink taken. The first signs usually appear in the form of an elevated heart rate and higher-than-normal blood pressure. A fever may be in evidence as well, together with tremors and an uncomfortable skin flush.

The first 48 hours: As the time wears on, the cardiac and respiratory disturbances only intensify. You may experience intensifying irregularities of heart rhythm and blood pressure, together with other difficulties. You may go through confusion, anxiety, and stronger tremors. If you experience hallucinations and seizures to even a mild degree at this point, it's a sign that you suffer from advanced addiction. You should immediately seek addiction treatment in Newport News.

Late withdrawal signs: Past 72 hours, the symptoms usually begin to fade in intensity. When left untreated, however, withdrawal tends to make itself felt for longer, and with greater strength.

There are conditions in which withdrawal can be expected to be particularly intense. If you have medical conditions that weaken your body -- a liver condition, a heart condition and so on -- it can make withdrawal feel worse.

The cravings can intensify when withdrawal is undertaken in a home setting, as well. Cravings being a psychological phenomenon, can become stronger or weaker depending on how free you feel to choose to give up the withdrawal, and return to alcohol use. If you're at home, the cravings can be strongest; at inpatient drug rehab centers, they can be more manageable; in prison, they tend to be the weakest.

Undertaking Withdrawal in Detox

The seizures and cardiac problems involved in withdrawing from deep addiction are not to be taken lightly -- they can be life-threatening. Detoxifying under medical supervision comes with several benefits, the ones involving your health being the most significant.

Apart from ensuring your safety, seeking alcohol withdrawal in Newport News does promise protection from symptoms that tax you both mentally and physically. Sedatives administered in detox can help you beat insomnia, and medications such as naltrexone help you deal with cravings.

The therapeutic support provided in detox is also an important form of intervention -- it helps you keep your heart in the endeavor. To far too many people trapped in addiction, support from family through the detoxification process isn't something that they are able to take for granted. To begin, they may not even be on good terms with their families; they may not be able to expect such care. Even when there is a great deal of will to help, families are often simply unable -- there are jobs to go to, after all. Without constant supervision, encouragement and comforting, the spirit can quickly flag, leading to an attempt to sneak alcohol for quick comfort.

In residential detox, especially, the constant presence of therapeutic aides and experts to help patients feel better. It's part of every good program.

It's important to understand that alcoholism is one of the hardest addiction types to escape. If you are planning to end addiction, you need to give yourself the best chance possible. Simply looking for the best alcohol withdrawal in Newport News has is all you need to do. Call Newport News Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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