Addiction Treatment in Newport News, VA

Millions of Americans become trapped in drug abuse each year. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of these people (close to 12%) actually receive the treatment they need. While most simply choose not to stop, some who do, attempt to quit on their own, unaware that it can be impossibly difficult. Yet others attempt to find professional treatment but end up choosing rehab centers that do not possess expertise. The only way to help this condition would be to learn how to identify quality, evidence-based Addiction Treatment in Newport News.

Why Are There Bad Drug Rehabs Out There?

It's an unfortunate fact of the country's addiction treatment landscape -- drug rehabs are not properly supervised and monitored by the authorities. Many drug and alcohol rehabs offer ineffective, unscientific treatment, and simply charge their patients large sums of money. Even big-name rehabs can be places that offer unscientific treatment.

There are many signs to watch out for you as you look for quality, evidence-based addiction treatment in Newport News.

Do they seem to not ask the patient questions that would help them determine the course of treatment to offer? Do they not ask about each patient's previous experience in rehab, for example? Do they not have many reviews on review websites such as Yelp? Do they make unusually generous offers where they will buy their patients their plane tickets to come in from another city or waive insurance co-pays? All of this tends to be suspect behavior.

You should ask the following questions:

  • Are there doctors on board, is there a medical director, and are they all certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine?
  • How many staff members do they have for the number of patients they treat?
  • Do they have counselors certified in chemical dependency treatment available at all times?
  • Are the night staff properly licensed in addiction treatment?
  • Do they have an alumni program, and can you talk to them to find out how they feel about the quality of treatment offered?
  • Do they offer generic treatment plans to every patient, or do they adapt each plan for each patient to suit their medical history and other needs?

Do you get a feeling of program transparency when you talk to them? If you do, you should go ahead and gather more information -- technical information that helps you determine the exact kind of drug and alcohol addiction treatments possible.

The hallmarks of an excellent addiction treatment program:

  • Quality, evidence-based treatment programs are not common. When you look for addiction treatment in Newport News, you must make sure that each program that you consider comes with these features.
  • Do they offer dual diagnosis treatment: Mental illness tends to be extremely common among those who suffer from addiction. While experts have, for decades, advised people struggling with addiction to look for dual diagnosis care, awareness continues to be poor. Addiction treatment centers should always offer care for both addiction and mental health disorders. Addiction treatment that fails to address the mental health aspect usually fails.
  • Do they allow you to audit their therapy sessions: Therapy is a very important part of any addiction treatment program. While medical detox in Newport News helps you overcome the withdrawal symptoms, it doesn't help you overcome addiction. The cravings and other psychological parts of addiction remain and need to be addressed through relapse prevention and other forms of therapy. It's important to look for a robust therapeutic program, as well as acknowledgment of the fact that therapy tends to be at its most effective when there is an excellent rapport between therapist and the patient. Programs that allow patients to sample various therapeutic programs truly recognize how important therapy is. These are the kinds of programs to go with.
  • Do they have inpatient treatment: Many people choose outpatient treatment simply because it tends to be more affordable. As important as program cost is, it's also important to see what you get for your money. No matter what you save on outpatient treatment, you want to make sure that you receive treatment that helps you get off drugs. Inpatient treatment is the only effective way to choose in many complex cases where patients come in suffering from poor physical health, addiction to more than one drug and so on.

Addiction Treatment in Newport News

Finding quality addiction treatment in Newport News can take a little research, just as it would in any other city. When you find evidence-based treatment, however, when you are able to find that a rehab center offers not only the right treatment programs but a full staff of qualified people, you'll find that your treatment progresses smoothly and that you do successfully make it out of your addiction. Call Newport News Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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